Friday, January 22, 2016

Flickr groups

I've found that Groups on Flickr can be lots of fun.   There's a group for everything.    They're a way to meet other photographers based on a theme.   Railroads.  Boston.  Snow.     They're a way to get your photos out there and get some visibility.  They're a way to get feedback and critique on your photos.    They're also just fun.

One of the more interesting group was Fenced Friday.   Yep.  On Friday, people post photos of Fences.    OK, maybe not the most glorious of subjects.  But it makes you think as a photographer.   When I'm out and about taking photos of anything, I always keep an eye out for a fence.    When I find a fence, can I take an interesting photo?   Can I make a "dull" scene look interesting.   Can I take a photo that will make the group say "Wow, that's cool".

Today's Fenced Friday entry from me was the railing on a pedestrian bridge in Boston.


OK, it's a thin line between fence and handrail.  It's still an interesting photo.  :)  Other fence photos of mine have been more fence-like.

The point being Flickr groups offer you an opportunity to become more engaged with others.   Share your photos, and interact and engage with others.    Go to the Flickr search bar and search on your favourite topic.  I bet there's a group for you out there somewhere.

And definitely check out all the Fence group Photos.   Some really great and creative shots there!!

Some previous FF posts by me:



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