Saturday, August 13, 2016

617 in East Boston

In late July I joined on line personalities 617 Images and Boston Attitude for their semi-regular photo meet-up.  A way for local photographers of all levels to meet and greet;  share tips and experiences and, of course, to take some photographs.   I missed the Zakim shoot, and the threat of rain almost cancelled this one, but I didn't want to miss the opportunity to do some night shooting in the city.

This meet was at LoPresi Park in East Boston.  A brand new park, not too far from Maverick subway station.   This is an area of East Boston what is pretty industrial (faces Chelsea Creek), but has lots of new development starting to move in.    Here we have the Eddy, new apartments that abut the park, set to open in about a month.

City Living

The Eddy, as seen from the end of LoPresi park pier.

Given the view these units will have, it's not surprising this will be the next area to see construction.

LoPresti Park

The view of Boston as you enter Lopresi Park

It was a fun evening.   Slowly everyone gathered on the pier.  Was hard to miss the group - pretty much anyone with a camera was joining us.   We chatted with each other while snapping photos of the city skyline.

City Sunset II

The failed rain showers turned out to be a blessing in disguise.    There was a small break between the horizon and the cloud deck.   For a few minutes the sun shone through and turned the world a bright orange.

Like a big bald head

Everyone lines up on the pier for the city sunset

I got a lot of sunset photos of the city and skyline, but also tried to be a little creative.  I zoomed into the sunset and played with the exposure to capture the sunset itself while letting everything else go to black.  It worked well, and I got some great photos.


Charlestown seemingly on fire from the brilliant sunset.

Once the sun had finally set, time for some night time shots of the Boston Cityscape.    Well, lots of photos of the city - when you're out there for an hour or so, you end up taking a lot of photos.   but it got me to play with different settings, different zooms and basically taking the time to have some fun.

The worst part was - we were on a dock, and I had my light-to-travel-but-not-too-heavy tripod.   Any time anyone walked on the dock there were slight vibrations when I used the zoom lens.   So while I got a lot of nice shots, not all of them were the best in focus.


Boston After Dark

Custom House

Always love the Custom House

To my surprise they had set up some light painting for the evening.   This is when you leave your camera shutter open for a long exposure, then wave a light source around in some manner.    You catch the light trail in the camera.   Can be harder than it looks, depending on what you want to paint.

Oh so close Faster
617 Images

Took a few attempts, but we got our "617"

Ad you can tell, it took a few times to get 617 correct.  Kevin painted this by using his phone flashlight to draw each number.   Of course, he has to draw them backwards and in the opposite order.  And he has to do it in a timeline manner - my camera was set to 20 seconds in order to expose the city correctly;   so if he drew too slow, we wouldn't catch it all.

next was burning steel wool.    Put steel wool inside an egg whisk.   put the whisk at the end of a string and spin it around.   You not only get a circular pattern, you get some nice sparks flying out.


Better than fireworks?

Shower of Light

Cropping for just the sparks made an interesting image

After shooting we grabbed a quick late night bite at D'parma, right down the street from the shoot.   Very nice - I'll have to hit it again.  (sautéed clams were amazing).

Thanks to 617 Images and Boston Attitude for hosting the event.   I met a lot of new folks and had a great time.   And caught a view of the city I had never seen before.   (and got my butt out of the house and finally did some night shooting).  Search the interwebs for the combined hashtag #617attitude for other peopels photos form this (and other 617) events.

See all my photos from this shoot at my 617 Flickr Album.

Another photographer caught your truly (baseball hat) chatting with a fellow photographer

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