Monday, September 4, 2017

Lancaster, PA

I recently took a short trip to Lancaster, PA.  The area is beautiful rolling farmland, worthy of a much longer visit than I gave it.   But in the day I was there, I managed to take some great photographs.

This is the heart of Amish country, with farms growing corn, tobacco and soy, with plenty of grasslands (not sure if they are unfarmed or just fallow fields).

But even just being there for a day, I took some great photos.   And a lightly clouded sky made for some outstanding black and white images.   I still would love to head back for a longer trip one day and do some more exploring.

Many of the photos below were taken from a trip on the Strasburg railroad,  which gives some great vantage points as you travel through the country side.

Clicking on most images will make them larger.

Typical farm scene

Rolling hills of grass and crops

Clouds make the scene - farmlands extending all the way to the hills.

Concentric Corn
Corn lined up in rows.

Happy Cows
Some happy cows

Some cows not happy to see our train at all.

'round the bend
Our train rolling through farmland

Corn Maze
A corn maze

Fields of Soy

High and Low Tech
Amish farmer with horse drawn equipment

A final B&W image.  Those amazing clouds...

Some more photos from this trip can be found on my Flickr album.

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