Sunday, June 4, 2017

617 in East Boston, revisited

617 Images and Boston Attitude held another Boston Photo Meet (#bosphotomeet) in East Boston - this time on the other side of Maverick at Piers Park in the Jeffries Point neighborhood.

Was great to meet everyone - some faces from last meet, and some new folks.   Even people who were not with us - we just assumed anyone with a tripod was with our event.  :)

Rick was taking some model shots

Folks staking their spots for the sunset.

Ambient light, ISO 8K.   Love my Nikon 750.   :)

We even had a few brides at the pier for their wedding photographs

We had an amazing sunset, and some great shots were taken by all.

Bridging the sunset
Sun setting over the North End/Charlestown.   Zakim bridge on the left.

Final rays
Sunset from the pier, with a non-photographer enjoying the view.

But there are only so many Boston sunset photos you can take.    I spent some additional time taking other photos of the area.

Local art

Fish tale
Something fishy on top of a local marina

A container ship docked in South Boston

Work n Play
Containers being unloaded at Conley terminal

Various sailing craft out on the harbour

Out of timeRed sails make this schooner look more like a junk out of place

And some really big ships, as vehicle carrier Liberty made it's way through the harbour to Subaru pier in Charlestown on the Mystic.  Not sure the sailboat could claim the right of way when you have a ship that can't stop on a dime.

Right of Way
A vehicle carrier arrives in Boston, big enough to block half the skyline

Even an abandoned railroad tunnel,  one of the two portals from the old Boston, Revere Beach & Lynn railroad.  (South portal - I couldn't get to the open north portal on this trip...)

BRB&L old South portal

Many photos also lended themselves to Black & White conversion.   I enjoy using B&W to show the viewer more about a photograph, emphasizing mood and structure and not relying on color alone to carry the image.

B&W can make buildings stand out

Custom Black & White
Custom house and surrounding buildings

or turn a cityscape into a mood shot.   The sunset/twilight sky lighted the buildings up just enough you can tell them apart, but it was dark enough to for the office lights to show up.

Absent sunset
Boston Skyline

Dockside warehouse shut down for the night with a few single lights providing security - and some interesting neon artwork....

After Hours
All's quiet after dark

Finally, what was once a lively promenade during the day becomes eerily quiet after the sun went down (and a chilly breeze came up).   

Harbourwalk revisited
An empty promenade

It was a great night, and I look forward to the next 617 event.    And a plug to D'parma, where we stopped for a bite after the shoot for some amazing Italian food.   for a great dinner afterwards.   Perhaps that's why 617 heads to Eastie so often.  :-)

You can keep an eye on 617 Image's Facebook page for the next event if you'd like to join us.

All images from this (and the previous 617 shoot) can be found in my Flickr album.   

Fly away

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