Wednesday, July 12, 2017

2017 Garden Tour

This past June was the 2017 South End Garden Tour - an event to raise money for the Community Gardens in greater Boston.   I was asked to take some photos at Watson Park, and also took photos at Berkeley Community Garden, where the tour started.

While I took some good photos for the tour, I also snapped a number of flower photos along the way.  Not only did my 'snaps' come out quite good, but the Clematis are amazing in Black and White!!   I definitely want to share these.

Sweet and Sour
Watson Park prepares for guests with Lemonade/Limeade and a basket of fresh cookies

There was plenty of whimsy to be found in the gardens, as each gardener personalizes their space, giving each garden plot its own style..

Window into the garden Themes Guard your Underpants Welcome

Being June, there were an abundance of flowers in bloom in the garden.   While all were wonderful, many of the purple blooms had great color - beautiful hues of purple along side the greenest of greens.  

It had rained the night before, leaving droplets on all the flowers, and making the colors a bit brighter.  There was also a heavy fog over the city, giving me nice even light with few shadows.

All wet

Shy blooms

The clematis proved to be even more exciting in Black & White.   The many purple hues look like veins coursing through the petals.



And the great thing about Black & White - sometimes even your  mistakes end up looking great...

Onyx brick road

Thanks for visiting!

A gallery of all artistic Photos from the garden tour can be found in this Flickr album.

You can see more photos of the tour itself on these  Berkeley and Watson Park facebook albums.

All involved in this tour are non-profits - if you are interested in visiting, joining or donating any of the organizations shown here, please visit their respective web pages:

Berkeley Community Gardens, South End, Boston

Friends of Watson Park, South End, Boston

tour organize, the Trustees, Boston region.

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